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Nikolai Razouvayev



Brisbane, Australia


What do I do

I create memories



In a Russian family, important, life changing decisions are often made around kitchen tables. I was sitting one evening having a tea and reading some photography magazine when I asked my wife half jokingly if she thought I was crazy for thinking about starting a new career as a photographer. I was out of work at the time, having just decided to leave behind my graphic design vocation for good. She replied that even though it is indeed a crazy idea I should go ahead and try it anyway. And tried I did.

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia and shoot primarily portraiture, wedding and commercial assignment work. Coming from a graphic design background, I bring extensive digital imaging experience into my photography. Because of this experience and affection for creative, “never tried that before” attitude, I try to set my work apart from the pack, especially at the post-production stage and lean towards art and experimentation in my work rather than settle on passable but unexciting kind of photography. Such an approach may and often does create real challenges for me but the awaiting rewards at the end of the day, I believe, worth all the effort.

Over the years, I trained myself to completely dedicate my mind and soul to the problem at hand when I’m doing my job and therefore, I perform equally well on my own, undirected or as part of a larger team.

Although I spent my share of hours in the darkroom developing and printing film, I shoot exclusively digital today.